State of Maryland Employee Down Payments

The State of Maryland is a participating employer in the Maryland Mortgage Program.

As a participating employer, the State provides financial assistance to active State of Maryland government employees (permanent and contractual employees) purchasing a home through the Maryland Mortgage Program.

The amount available to State employees through the House Keys 4 Employees Program is in addition to the Down Payment Assistance available to all MMP borrowers.

To learn about how you can take advantage of this assistance, start by Finding a Lender so you can get pre-qualified for a Maryland Mortgage Program loan. As with all MMP borrowers, you should ask your Lender about Homebuyer Education requirements for the jurisdiction where you are seeking to purchase a property.

If you are a State of Maryland employee purchasing a home in Baltimore City, you may be eligible for the Live Near Your Work program.

State of Maryland Government employees DO NOT need to complete Partner Employer documentation, such as a “Verification of Partner Contribution” form. State employees merely need to inform their Lender of their status as a State of Maryland employee, which the Lender will verify by reviewing the employee’s pay stub.

State of Maryland employees that are eligible for the Maryland Mortgage Program can receive an additional $2,500 in Down Payment Assistance, in the form of an interest-free, deferred loan through the House Keys 4 Employees program.

A further $1,000 in Down Payment Assistance through the Smart Keys 4 Employees (also an interest-free, deferred loan) may be available if the employee is purchasing a home that is:
Within 10 miles of their place of employment OR within the same County as the place of employment, AND hte property is located in a Priority Funding Area.

Together, an eligible State of Maryland employee may qualify for up to $8,500 in Down Payment Assistance through these programs.