Downpayment Assistance

Partner Match – Additional Grants From Employers

In addition to Down Payment Assistance, you can also enhance your Down Payment help further if you work with a range of local companies or organizations. Over 100 local companies partner with the Dept. of Housing and Community Development (DCHD) in Maryland to give additional funds (loans or free grants) to further assist qualifying buyers with their Down Payment.

When using Partner Match as a qualified MMP user, up to $3,500 in employer contributions will be matched by the Maryland Mortgage Program.


Partner Match Employers

If your employer is listed here, you may qualify for down payment and/or closing cost assistance from them which could be matched by the MMP House Keys 4 Employees (HK4E) Program up to $2,500 in a zero percent deferred loan.

New Construction – Buying From Builders and Developers in Maryland

If you are working with a builder or development company to purchase a new construction home, or are thinking about doing so, there may be additional funding opportunities for you. DHCD has partnered with several Builders and Developers to provide incentives to eligible borrowers through the Builder/Developer Incentive Program (BDIP).

Community Organizations and Local Housing Agency Programs:

Additional financial assistance may be available for some borrowers in Maryland from a range of non-profit, community and local government organizations through the Community Partner Incentive Program (CPIP) and the programs of local Housing Agencies.

Typically, contributions from these organizations range from $1,000 to $5,000 each, and may be combined with each other and with DHCD’s Down Payment Assistance loans where eligibility requirements are met. Many borrowers are able to take advantage of at least one of these programs. Go to the Partner Directory to search for participating organizations.