Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP)

Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) Incentives

The Maryland Mortgage Program provides home mortgage loans and Down Payment Assistance to working professionals and families in various Maryland counties.

Here’s how the Maryland Mortgage Program works:

  • Up to $8,500 in Down Payment funds
  • 0% interest and deferred payments.
  • The Down Payment loan gets paid back when you sell or transfer title in the future
  • There are income limits for eligibility. Get the current limits now.
  • Available in EVERY Maryland County

If your household income is below a certain level or within a certain range, you may be eligible to use the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP)’s first time home buyer assistance programs (Get the current limits now). MMP’s Down Payment Assistance can loan you up to $8,500 on a 0% interest deferred loan to help pay your down payment. In addition, you could get even more if you work for certain local companies that participate in MMP Partner Match.

Here’s what you will need in order to use the Maryland Mortgage Program:

  • You must have a Real Estate Agent to help you search for a home & negotiate the transaction.
  • Your agent must understand how to use the Maryland Mortgage Program Meet an Agent
  • You must earn UNDER the income limits for your household size. Get current limits
  • You must have a decent to fair Credit Score