Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) Home Buyer Assistance

The Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP), is a long-running state-funded program that provides home loans and down payment assistance to Maryland residents. The core of the program is assistance in removing some of the obstacles to home purchase caused by required Down Payments.

The Maryland Mortgage Program provides an easy 0% deferred Down Payment Assistance loan of up to $8,500 plus other available incentives. There are additional specialty loan offerings also under the MMP mortgage program. You must earn under a certain household income. Get the current limits now

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What’s a 0% Deferred Down Payment Assistance Loan? Your MMP Down Payment loan of up to $8,500 has easy, homebuyer-friendly payback terms and conditions. First, there’s no interest on the money you borrow for the Down Payment (0%!). The loan is also ‘deferred,’ meaning you only ever pay back the loan after your initial full 30 year mortgage is paid off. The loan is also due for repayment if you refinance the main mortgage, sell the home or otherwise vacate the property.

There’s several Maryland Mortgage Program rules & conditions you’ll need to know once you come to one of our Free Workshops or sit down with one of our program-qualified agents.

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